Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Continental Who’s who Business development through global attraction…

Being global is spreading your name in a manner so as to reach a wider spectrum of people across the globe. It is about creating new relations and taking them to the pinnacle and doing this whole activity repetitively. With globalization the world seems to have become very small and closer, making the reach of new avenues of business a possible dream.

In order to increase visibility to potential clients and to gain exposure to prospective partners one has to concentrate on the all round development of the business constantly. One has to involve in business networking and use various other mediums of frequenting communication with concerned people worldwide. Even to expose the Business accomplishments is a task needing constant efforts. One has to prove the credibility of his business in his own industry and profession and prove the recognition of his business achievements enabling reach worldwide.

Business development is among the foremost concerns of any organization; much of the attention should be devoted to developing and exploiting the business opportunities that are present in the outside world. Global business development has to emphasize on communicating industry opportunities to management and help facilitate internal enhancements designed to best position the company for success. The main focus should be on developing and executing the growth strategy for the business. One has to be focused on developing high level client relationships with global companies and be extremely credible and professional in terms of approach to generating and maintaining “value adding” relationships.

Be actively visible!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Continental who’s who Professional Consulting- worth the bargain…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Professional Consulting as term refers is taking consultation for profession related problems. A Professional is the one who has obtained thorough training in the field relevant to him. A Consultant is a person who provides advice on relevant area of expertise. There are many branches in organization like Sales, Marketing, HR, Administration, etc. A professional may be good at Sales, another one maybe good at Administration but when it comes to bringing both together, it may get difficult. In such situations a Professional Consultant pitches in.

With the help of a Professional Consultant tactile solutions can be provided for skills improvement and improvising outside the circle perspective, within the company. A Professional Consultant works in between various arenas and scenarios of a organization to bring out optimal solutions and better working environments. Professional skills encompasses of good communication, time management, creativity, efficiency, productivity. To make people enjoy their jobs more and in turn achieve more productivity the process has to be more efficient.

In order to generate the return on investment the need of strategic and tactical approach is very essential. Offering proper consultation and hiring right services saves the company many unnecessary cost and traumas. The main emphasis of a Professional Consultant is understood in an organization when outstanding relationships start building, the conversations become more powerful, ultimately producing inspiring results.

Every organization has a different architecture in terms of budget, size and resources. The main challenge is to create self sufficient environment, irrelevant of industry working for. If this challenge could be achieved then the work of Professional Consultant is by far successfully attained. The best definition to emphasize and understand a Professional Consultant is, the organization defines work ethics and a Professional Consultant refines it!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Continental Who's Who earns Gold Star

Recognition for the Elite

Continental Who's Who recognizes those individuals that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their occupation industry and profession.

Continental Who's Who has become a leader in their industry and what I have gained from speaking with executives there is a feeling of fortitude and resilience that has seemed to all but vanish in recent years. The face of the the world economy has changed no longer recognizable and it is Continental Who's Who that is emerging as something that can only be described as welcoming. CWW has been enabling many to climb out of the ashes and back to their rightful place among the Who's Who of business executives. As I spoke to Diane Webster I asked her what sets CWW aside from other Media Outlets as she explained, " In today's marketplace what our studies have shown is that it is about creating partnerships and relationships and we have done just that, we have taken great strides in our web site's database development ( ) as well as the organizations we are now aligning ourselves with, this we plan to share with our members. You can look at it as the old cliche states; One hand washes the other and two hands wash the face! " I then asked when dealing with some of the most astute individuals many people we have all heard about read about or seen on T.V. what pitfalls have to be overcome to maintain a high level of commitment and excellence. Diane stated, " We obviously have to screen each member prior to inclusion and being that we are member funded we need to make sure that we choose only those individuals that are proactive in our public relations approach. This can be sometimes difficult because cost versus value is gaged through someone's prospective point of view. However we maintain a high level of quality and commitment to each one of our members and providing a forum where they can consult, exchange ideas and do business with each other. After speaking with Diane what she was saying really resonated with me. What I got from it was that in order for us to prosper and not just tread water we need to unite and combine our skills and this is what Continental Who's Who has done for this in my opinion they have earned a gold star. I anticipate great things over the next few years from this Media mogul and will keep you all posted.

John M

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Continental who’s who for Global Business Development

Continental Who's who is an exclusive membership organization that recognizes and empowers executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs around the globe.

The products and services offered are:

Continental Who's Who Photo Distribution

Imagine the power of your image potentially reaching consumers! Through their partnership with PR Newswire you can post your image on the Reuters digital billboard in Time Square and a image thumbnail will appear on more than 1,000 websites, including LA Times, ABC Television affiliates, Yahoo! and Market Watch.
Display of the image on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square Images are displayed on the billboard for 15 seconds during the morning or afternoon rush hours, Monday - Friday.

The story headline is also displayed with the image (up to 100 characters) You receive a screen shot of your image on the billboard (what a powerful visual!) The Reuters sign is the world's largest digital sign. It is 23 stories tall and is comprised of 13 screens. It is a prime location, occupying the entire Southwest corner of Times Square, and it faces traffic!

Continental Who's Who Executive Press Release

No matter who or where your audience is, Continental Who's who, through our partner PR Newswire delivers your news announcements in the fastest, most comprehensive and cost-effective way available. Wire distribution is comprised of satellite, land line or Internet delivery directly into information systems of tens of thousands of media outlets worldwide, plus posting on thousands of Web sites that carry PR Newswire member copy, including their media-only Web site, PR Newswire for Journalists, which is accessible by more than 80,000 registered journalists

Who's Who Professional and Executive Hardcover Volume

The Continental Who's Who Registry of National Business Leaders Hardcover Volume lists thousands of successful individuals in the fields of Business, the Arts and Sciences, Law, Engineering and Government throughout the upper echelon of corporate America with their pertinent data. This is an invaluable reference and Business networking tool, the ultimate in independent recognition. Provides expanded business information, unavailable elsewhere on all of our respected members.

Continental Who's who Commemorative Presentation Wall Plaque

A new Member appearing in our publication can receive the coveted Continental Who's who wall plaque; a rich and elegant exhibit inscribed with your name- which also incorporates the Continental Who's who seal. This distinguished plaque is seen on the walls of the most influential individuals which convey to your existing and potential clients that you are someone with whom they want to do business with.

Continental Who's Who CD-ROM

The Continental who’s Who CD-ROM Registry is a compilation of all its members along with their accomplished business biographies, published in CD-ROM format. The CD-ROM version of our publication is unique in the fact that you do not need Internet access to network with the directory. The CD-ROM was designed to be user-friendly, high speed and efficient.

Continental Who's Who Online Directory

Continental who's who puts you, in the loop by providing an introduction to other achievers in your area of expertise and then offering unique opportunities to interface globally, the ability to meet and network online. Each new member can receive a screen name and pass code to network online and upload photographs and video to their existing online profiles.

Continental Who's Who Airfare on Us!
Continental Who’s Who provides Airfare on Us. Round-trip airfare for two to some of the most exciting destinations dreamed, plus either attraction tickets or round of golf provided the accommodations are purchased through OST for a select number of nights.

Our mission is to help professionals achieve their goals by providing them with an exclusive and comprehensive set of corporate image and branding platforms, networking opportunities,career and global business development resources.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Continental Who's Who-World Class Business Networking Source

Imagine a place or a tool by which you could have access to a wide network of executives and professionals.They are the best source to network, educate and create solid business relationships.

Continental Who's who is one such online registry which gives an introduction to achievers and eminent personalities and professionals in your area of expertise which will offer unique opportunities to interface globally, the ability to meet and network online.

We spotlight thousands of professionals each year by their specific industry. The men and women published represent every important field of endeavor. Included are executives and officials in business, science, education, philanthropy, religion, government, the fourth estate, finance, law, engineering, and many other fields.

We specialize in providing its members with current biographical information of Executives and Professionals in virtually every industry. To maximize networking capabilities, Continental Who's Who allows you to search for members on our online registry by almost any criteria you select such as, company name, industry, name etc. Continental Who's Who is a tremendous tool for additional business exposure, career expansion, and job recruitment.

The who's who Registry comes in three formats: Online, Hardcover and CD-ROM:

The Online forum is an exclusive network of world-class executives and professionals in which they can connect, educate, share information and establish new business relations.

The Hardcover registry is used as a highly professional reference tool that featured members can proudly display in their homes or offices.

The CD-ROM is an invaluable and unique tool that does not require Internet access and is user friendly, high speed and efficient.

Our mission to provide an exclusive world-class forum where our members can create social, professional and business relationships.

We provide knowledge and information in virtually every industry and profession and create the opportunity to network, consult, educate, empower and establish new business relations.We deliver the highest quality service to all our established members.